Top 5 Tuesday – Star's Auto-Buy Authors

This week Star brings us her Top 5 Auto-Buy Authors

I feel like each of us have an author that we automatically reach for – whether that’s at the bookstore, or pre-order, or library, however it is, most of us are likely to have an author we’ll buy everything from.

Here are my top 5!

She is, without a doubt, my favourite Aussie author. I don’t think there is a book of hers I haven’t just straight-up loved. This year, she released her first book for younger readers, and it’s so cute and so precious. Her first 4 published books are all YA, so definitely go check them out!

I have loved every single book of Ashley’s that I have read (the only one I haven’t read is Suffer Love, but I own a copy, so that is half the battle!). She has three YA books and two middle-grade books and 4/5 of her books are about queer girls and I love love love them!

Though she only has two books out, she’s an auto-buy author for me. I love her writing and her books, and I am eager to see what she comes out with next!

Yesss I have only read The Raven Cycle and Call Down the Hawk by Maggie, but I do own several of her other books, and I think that makes her a contender for auto-buy author for me.

*coughs* But Star, haven’t you only read Whisper and Weapon? That may be true, but, I do own her Medoran Chronicles series, and I have full intentions of reading them very soon. I swear!

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