The Year the Maps Changed Tour Schedule

Hachette Australia together with the #AusYABloggers are celebrating the release of  The Year the Maps Changed by author Danielle Binks . On tour, you'll find Australian and New Zealand bloggers, reviewers, instagrammers and youtubers and will begin on April 27th until May 3rd 2020.

Tour Schedule

27th April
Of Wonderland

28th April

29th April
Shannon A. Jade Books
Underground Writers

30th April
Sarah Says

1st May
Tien's Blurb

2nd May
Noveltea Corner
Read3rz Revu Blog

3rd May
Diva Booknerd
Simply Ally Tea

About The Book

The Year the Maps Changed
Written by Danielle Binks
Published by Hachette Australia
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One extraordinary year will change them all...

Sorrento, Victoria, 1999. Fred's family is a mess. Her mother died when she was six and she's been raised by her Pop and adoptive father, Luca, ever since. But now Pop's had to go away, and Luca's girlfriend Anika and her son have moved in. More and more it feels like a land-grab for family and Fred is the one being left off the map.

Even as things feel like they're spinning out of control for Fred, a crisis from the other side of the world comes crashing in. When a group of Kosovar-Albanian refugees are brought to a government 'safe haven' not far from Sorrento, their fate becomes intertwined with the lives of Fred and her family in ways that no one could have expected.

A middle-grade coming-of-age story inspired by true events about the bonds of family, the weight of grief and the power of compassion for fans of The Bone Sparrow, Wolf Hollow and The Thing About Jellyfish.

About The Author

Danielle Binks is a writer, reviewer, agent and book blogger who lives on the Mornington Peninsula. In 2017, she edited and contributed to Begin, End, Begin, an anthology of new Australian young adult writing inspired by the #LoveOzYA movement, which won the ABIA Book of the Year for Older Children (Ages 13+) and was shortlisted in the 2018 Gold Inky Awards. The Year the Maps Changed is Danielle's debut middle-grade novel.

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Reading Challenge: April

Hello there fellow bookish gals, guys and otherwise. You have stumbled upon April's reporting Chat Post for our 2020 Reading Challenge. There is still plenty of time to catch up. If you are interested in what the challenge is all about (there are prizes to be won) click HERE to read the introductory post.

This months theme is Spookalicious.

To report your months reads comment below, answering the questions.

Reporting questions:

1) What book did you pick for this month’s read?
2) Did you enjoy it?
3) What rating would you give it out of five?
4) Was there anything in your book that touched you /resonated with you in some way?
5) What was your favourite part of the book?
6) Who would you recommend read this book?
7) Try to sum up the book in one sentence.

We look forward to finding out what you've all been reading.

Next Months theme is After Dark.

Blog Tour : Taking Down Evelyn Tait

About The Book

Taking Down Evelyn Tait
Written by Poppy Nwosu
Published by Wakefield Press
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The door creaks open and standing in the entrance is my absolute worst nightmare.

Perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect brain.

Perfect sneer.

Evelyn Tait.

Impulsive Lottie – heavy-metal fan, expert tomato-grower and frequent visitor to the principal’s office – is in even more trouble than usual.

Her best friend Grace has dropped an unlikely bombshell: she’s dating Lottie’s mortal enemy, good-girl Evelyn Tait.

Studious Jude, the boy next door, has the perfect war plan. Lottie will beat Evelyn at her own good-girl game, unveiling Miss Perfect’s sinister side in the process.

Taking life more seriously starts as fun, but soon offers its own rewards . . . so long as Lottie can manage gorgeous Sebastian’s sudden interest, Jude acting weird, and the discovery that she might actually be good at something.

Taking Down Evelyn Tait is a story about family, friends and embracing who you are. Even if that person is kind of weird.

Tash's Thoughts:

Taking Down Evelyn Tait, was the first opportunity I have had to read Nwosu’s work. Coming highly recommended after her debut last year . I was eager to read this book and this was one Lveozya novel  I was  not going to miss .
From the first page, I instantly connected with impulsive Lottie. Lottie is the type of character that captures  your attention with her POV. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and never lets her past, challenge the current situation even when she is torn between worlds . Her teachers  and dad are torn though , what to do with Lottie when she doesn't want to listen .

It’s not an unfamiliar situation, there is always teenagers falling throw the cracks, acting out to seek attention. Lottie isn’t without cause for this behaviour. There was something deeper lurking,  she isn’t without flaws.  I understood her anger to this person that I had no clue about but  came across clear as mud.  Everyone has a person who drives them mad and it’s high school.  There is always tension to be found.
What I didn’t expect was the twist that changed the whole story in one instance. Lottie went  just from a mischief teen who has a chip on her shoulder. There was a story to unpack, one that was full of misunderstanding and family drama. It became more then taking down Evelyn Tait.
It’s a story of growing up and making wise decisions. Lottie is at the stage of every teenager  has to deal with, starting to recognise there is a greater world out there and their actions and feelings don’t just affect her.

Lottie has a hard road in this book.  Her actions are not completely unfounded. Evelyn is proven to have her own issues that have contributed to the situation at hand.  There always two side to the story and the story reveals it  in own time as the girls  go about  their day dealing with their complicated lives.  Lottie might have one idea in her mind to deal with her problems roping in others to help, however by the end we are presented with another conclusion. 
To say the least is not totally unsurprising which I will leave you to find out for yourself as Lottie is a person you want to know and you want to know what accomplishes right?

There is plenty to love about the girls  as individuals, and how they deal with their relationships. It’s not just Lottie's and Evelyn’s book. There is  plenty of other characters that worm their ways into your minds as you read this book who help support  this family centric novel.  

There something about reading Australian contemporaries  the tone and stories make it feel you are in your own backyard listening to these teens deal with their problems . There is reason why Australian YA has grown so much in the few years since there has been a movement. Readers seek novels where there is connections  and  ability to recognise yourself in the characters. Taking Down Evelyn Tait was a novel  that offered that through its delightful characters and the chaos of growing up, love and healing.

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About The Author

Poppy Nwosu is an author of YA fiction.  Her debut novel, Making Friends with Alice Dyson, was shortlisted for the 2018 Adelaide Festival Unpublished Manuscript Award, and the 2019 Readings Young Adult Book Prize, and will be published by Walker Books US in America in 2020. She was also awarded the 2019 Writers SA Varuna the Writers' House Fellowship for Young Writers.

Growing up in central North Queensland, Poppy enjoyed a thoroughly wild childhood surrounded by rainforest and cane fields. After studying music at university, she moved overseas to Ireland, where she spent two years visiting stunning Europe.  These days Poppy and her husband still love to travel, but they also like to come home again to their house in Adelaide near the sea.

Poppy’s quite obsessed with stories, books, movies, writing and music.

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