Top 5 Tuesday: Kelly's Summer Romance Reads

This week Kelly brings us her Top 5 Romance Reads

With summer just around the corner in our part of the world, we're all looking to kick back, relax and spend the summer months immersed in a great book. So set the air conditioner to chill, grab an iced drink and add these heartwarming romance reads to your TBR lists.

Words In Deep Blue is a legacy for lovers of the written word. For readers who find themselves within ink pages breathing in the scent of romance.

Marlowe's single mother is a vegan warrior, opening a small business selling vegan products next to a family owned butcher, igniting a rivalry between 17 year old heart transplant recipient Marlowe and apprentice butcher Leo. Like a modern day Romeo and Juliet set in the suburbs of Melbourne, Tin Heart is a funny and wildly entertaining romance with plenty of heartt. Pun totally intended.

More so a coming of age than a romance, although Jacob Coote and John Barton, amirightladies?

This is the book that will make you fall in love with not only Josie but Melina Marchetta. Looking For Alibrandi is a right of passage for every Australian teen.

Bisexuality, Chinese Australian protagonist, sex positive, same sex female relationships, positive friendships, support networks. Queens Of Geek breaks down the barriers of body shaming, toxic relationships, slut shaming, Austism, mental illness, societal illnesses and the reality of expectations young adults place upon themselves.

What I Like About Me by Jenna Guillaume

Maisie is the heroine. She's me at sixteen, she's probably you at sixteen, she's the girl that lives next door or the girl that sits in front of you in social studies while you draw genitals in your textbook. She's the girl with moxie and doesn't know it, the girl who is constantly evolving and finding herself. She's the girl who'll set the world ablaze, who deserves more than the assholes trying to extinguish her fire. She's the fat, funny and beautiful girl. She's us.

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