Reading Challenge: November

Hello there fellow bookish gals, guys and otherwise. You have stumbled upon November's reporting Chat Post for our 2020 Reading Challenge. If you are interested in what the challenge is all about click HERE to read the introductory post.

This months theme is Glorious Graphics.

To report your months reads comment below, answering the questions.

Reporting questions:

1) What book did you pick for this month’s read?
2) Did you enjoy it?
3) What rating would you give it out of five?
4) Was there anything in your book that touched you /resonated with you in some way?
5) What was your favourite part of the book?
6) Who would you recommend read this book?
7) Try to sum up the book in one sentence.

We look forward to finding out what you've all been reading.

Next Months theme is Happy Holidays.
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