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With much sadness, we've decided to place our book tours on hold temporarily. Book tours are wonderful to organise, connecting like-minded readers through our shared love of books. Unfortunately due to various commitments and losing beloved team members, we'll be placing tours on hold until further notice. 

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Rising by Bronwyn Eley

Title: Rising
Author: Bronwyn Eley
Publisher: Talem Press, Writer's Edit
Release Date: May 13th, 2021
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Time is running out.

With two Relics now in her possession, Kaylan must claim the final three before rebel leader Bellamy De Winter does. Then she must find a way to destroy the stones, once and for all.

But the magic is different now… and so is Kaylan.

After losing so much, she has forged a new bond with the Relic. It is more than mere magic, more than just a stone. Kaylan sees the dead Lord of Edriast, the man she killed to save herself, standing by her side.

The Relic is the only one who understands her now. But every word it whispers in her ear could be a lie. Every chance she gives it could be her final error.

As Kaylan pits her power against the men who seek to take it from her, she finds herself – and those she cares for – in more danger than ever before. And through it all, the Relic claims to be her ally… But as the perils of magic become clearer, Kaylan begins to wonder: will trusting the Relic lead to victory – or to death?

Rising is the gripping final volume in Bronwyn Eley’s dark YA fantasy series, The Relic Trilogy.


Rising is the third and final book of The Relic Trilogy by Bronwyn Eley. I so desperately wanted to know how the complexities within the story would be resolved that I persevered reading despite feeling horrifically unwell and just wanting to sleep. It was definitely worth it though to finally know how all the threads tie together.

Rising is a great conclusion to the trilogy. With fast paced action, a cast of interesting and unique characters and some incredible relationships, Eley has built an incredibly satisfying reading experience across three books. The overall concept underpinning the trilogy is original and compelling: it’s not possible to be: sure exactly how the situation will work out.

Kaylan’s struggles really come to the fore in Rising, as she grapples with the effects of the relic on her, and how she’s changed since she became the Shadow. She’s a fantastic protagonist; I love the juxtaposition of her determination and uncertainty. Throughout, it is unclear exactly how she will do what she knows is right, and doing what is right includes she has to compromise her desire not to hurt people. This contrasts with her strong feelings of wanting vengeance on the person who killed her family, another interesting contradiction that I think makes her very relatable.

Overall a really wonderful conclusion to a series I really enjoyed.

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When We Are Invisible Tour

 UQP together with the #AusYABloggers are celebrating the release of When We Are Invisible  by Australian author Claire Zon. On the tour you'll find Australian Reviewers and Instagrammers sharing their thoughts.

About The Book

When We Are Invisible 

Written by  Claire Zon
Published by UQP
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Instinct has kept us alive so far. It’s like a compass and I tune in to the needle often: trust/don’t trust, run/stay … I can’t read the needle right now. The warmth of the room is clouding my judgment.

In the midst of a nuclear winter, Lucy, Fin and Max flee the chaos of Sydney with blood on their clothes, a gun and handwritten directions to safety. When they reach Wattlewood, it seems like their struggle to survive might be over. There is food, warmth and adults in charge. So why can’t Lucy shake the feeling they’re still in danger?

Lucy’s survived the apocalypse, but can she escape a more insidious threat?

Tour Hosts
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About The Author

Claire Zorn is the author of three novels for young adults: The Sky So HeavyThe Protected and One Would Think the Deep. Published to critical acclaim both nationally and internationally, her novels have won multiple awards, most notably the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards for Young Adult Fiction, the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards – Young Adult Fiction Prize, the Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards for Young Adult Fiction and the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year: Older Readers (twice).

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Sunburnt Veils Tour

Wakefield Press together with the #AusYABloggers are celebrating the release of Sunburnt Veils by Sara Haghdoosti. On the tour you'll find Australian Reviewers and Instagrammers sharing their thoughts.

About The Book

Sunburnt Veils by Sara Haghdoosti 
Published by Wakefield Press
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Girl meets boy, ghosts his text messages, then convinces him to help her run for the student union. Just your typical love story with a hijabi twist.

Tara wears hijab even though her parents hate it, and in a swipe right world she’s looking for the ‘will go to the ends of the earth for you’ type of love. Or, she would be, if she hadn’t sworn off boys to focus on getting into med. Besides, what’s wrong with just crushing on the assassins, mages and thieves in the fantasy books she reads? 

When a bomb threat on her first day of university throws her together with totally annoying party king and oh-so-entitled politician’s son Alex, things get complicated. Tara needs to decide if she’s happy reading about heroes, or if she’s ready to step up and be one herself. 

Sunburnt Veils is an own-voices rom-com with a political activist edge and a deliciously savvy pop culture voice. 

About The Author

Sara Haghdoosti was born in Tehran, grew up in Sydney and is currently based in Chicago. It generally takes her ten minutes to answer the question, “Where are you from?”

Sara got her start in organizing at the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and then went on to work at GetUp,, the Mozilla Foundation and founded Berim (‘Let’s go’ in Farsi) - a non-profit that worked to support changemakers in Iran. She is currently the Deputy Director at Win Without War. 

Sara’s writing has appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Punch, The Drum and she has also been a panelist on the ABC’s Q and A. 

Sara’s first book Sunburnt Veils was long-listed for the Richell Prize, and is out now from Wakefield Press. It highlights the story of two unconventional Muslim women navigating their first year of university. Between a fake bomb threat and a viral video Tara and Mitra find themselves in the middle of a media storm where they have to face who they are, and who they want to become.

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Footprints on the Moon Tour

UQP together with the #AusYABloggers are celebrating the release of Footprints on the Moon  by Australian author Lorraine Marwood. On the tour you'll find Australian Reviewers and Instagrammers sharing their thoughts.

About The Book

Foot on the Moon
Written by  Lorraine Marwood
Published by UQP
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Humans are about to leave footprints on the moon, but what sort of mark can one girl make here on earth?

It’s 1969 and life is changing fast. Sharnie Burley is starting high school and finding it tough to make new friends. As the world waits to see if humans will land on the moon, the Vietnam War rages overseas. While her little cousin, Lewis, makes pretend moon boots, young men are being called up to fight, sometimes without having any choice in the matter. Sometimes without ever coming home.

Dad thinks serving your country in a war is honourable, but when Sharnie’s older sister, Cas, meets a returned soldier and starts getting involved in anti-war protests, a rift in their family begins to show. Sharnie would usually turn to her grandma for support, but lately Gran’s been forgetting things.

Can she find her own way in this brave new world?

About The Author

Lorraine Marwood was born and raised in rural Victoria and has lived for most of her married life on a dairy farm with her husband and their six children. Lorraine is an award-winning poet who has been widely published in literary magazines across Australia, as well as magazines in the UK, USA, New Zealand and Canada. She has also published several children’s novels and collections of poetry.

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Girl of the Southern Sea Tour

UQP together with the #AusYABloggers are celebrating the release of Girl of the Southern Sea by Australian author Michelle Kadarusman. On the tour you'll find Australian Reviewers and Instagrammers sharing their thoughts.

About The Book

Girl of the Southern Sea
Written by  Michelle Kadarusman
Published by UQP
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A gifted student, Nia longs to attend high school so she can follow her dream and become a writer. She has notebooks filled with stories she’s created about the mythological Dewi Kadita, Princess of the Southern Sea. But her family has barely enough money for food, let alone an education, so Nia’s days are spent running their food cart and raising her younger brother.

Following a miraculous escape from a bus accident, Nia is gifted with good-luck magic. Or at least that’s what everyone’s saying. Soon their family business is booming and there might even be enough money to return to school. But how long can her good luck last?

When a secret promise threatens everything she’s hoped for, Nia must find a way to break the mould and write her own future.

Monday 1st February

Tuesday 2nd February

Wednesday 3rd February

Thursday 4th February
Friday 5th February

About The Author

Children’s author Michelle Kadarusman grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and has also lived many years throughout Indonesia and in Canada. Her children’s novels have been nominated for various awards and honours including the Canadian Governor General's Award, USBBY Outstanding International Book List, the Freeman Book Award and the Malka Penn Book Award for Human Rights in Children’s Literature. Her work is published internationally and has been translated to Spanish and Turkish.

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