Top 5 Tuesday – Books made into movies and TV Shows

This week Star brings us her Top 5 Books that were made into movies or TV shows

Let’s be real, most of the time, the books are better than the adaptation. But sometimes, the adaptation is pretty darn good. Here are my top 5.

Now, I’ll admit, I haven’t actually read the book. BUT, I’ve seen the movie so many times, and it’s easily one of my most favourite movies ever, but yeah. I just loved this movie a lot, and I’ve heard it’s pretty true to the first book. I didn’t like the TV show, though. =/

2) The Hate U Give – movie
THIS MOVIE. So the book made me cry buckets, and then the movie did the same. I thought Amandla Stenberg did an incredible job, and it’s still one of my favourite adaptations to this day.

3) Pretty Little Liars – TV show
I read the first book and I really did not like it, but the TV show was so good. Like I got my niece hooked on it kind of good. I did buy her all of the books, and she informed me that they’re wildly different, but still, I really enjoyed how bad and good this show was.

4) The Darkest Minds - movie
I really wish that they had continued with these movies. The books were pretty good, not top-tier, for me, at least, but I enjoyed them enough to immediately watch the movie. I just get a bit sad when the movie series doesn’t continue.

5)  The Hunger Games – movies
I loved these books. I love these movies. Sure, there are things that I would change about the movies (looking at the POC erasure specifically), but on the whole, I really, really loved these books and I thought the movies did an incredible job at interpreting them.

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