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Series - Tash's Entry

So my books are all the place for those who know me and are never in any  particular order. To find them to take pictures would have taken forever so I'm sticking to book covers for my first time

The Colours of Madeline Series by Jacyln Moriarty- Many people would be familiar with this name here and overseas. Moriarity  is well known for her contemporary series and I adore  The Murder of Bindy MacKenzie which was my first book from her . However I really fell in love with her writing when  I read this series.  A tale of two dimensions co existing secretly until  and a girl name Madeline discovers the secrets and becomes part of the mystery. An intriguing three part series that will leave you hooked until the last page. It's a underrated series for sure and fantasies lovers need to pick this one asap 

The Every Series by Ellie Marney  is another no brainer when it comes to  picking  my favourite Aus YA series. I adored the homage to Sherlock Holmes in this series and then the unoffical spinoff we got in the form of No Limits. Watts's and Mycroft's epic adventure was well written and these two were perfect for each other.  Dynamic and intriguing this mystery series is a favourite around here for a good reason. Very Australian and set in my neck of the woods, Marney will appeal to every Australian reader

Now I could have picked a few series for my final pick, as there some wonderful ones out there from authors such as Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman  and Rachael Craw to name a couple.  However I decided to go with a series I started and never got round to finishing for no good reason.  The Last Trilogy by Michael Adams.  A  sc-fi dystopia set in Sydney. In a world where a event called the Snap happened and now the world has gone crazy. There no secrets or anything sacred in this new world. Except for Darby no one can read her secrets .....
I only read the first book but dragging it out for this post , has made want to revisit this series when I get a chance as  it was wonderfully written and entertaining

What your favourite Aussie Series you have read? We would love to hear your thoughts

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