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Choosing only three books that much that theme of feels was really difficult, so much of why I read is because I love getting caught up with the characters and feeling what they are going through.  I settled on these three because I read them all a million years ago, and I can still remember the feeling I have associated with them so strongly.

> > Borrowed Light by Anna Fienberg < < 

This one was always one I was going to include.  I don’t normally enjoy overly introspective literary type books (that’s why I read YA)  but something about this really speaks to me.  I think it’s that main character Callisto is such an outsider, and that was something I really related to.  The book is ostentatiously about her dealing with accidentally falling pregnant at 16, though to be honest to me the book is more about what it feels like to try and keep your not very well functioning family together when you are the type of person that overthinks everything.  

> > Mahalia by Joanne Horniman < < 

Mahalia is the opposite to borrowed light in almost every other way, except for that I was pretty sure that I wanted it on my list.  This book is very much about teenage pregnancy, and it’s unusual both in that it’s not full of angst about this, but also that it’s starring a teenage dad.  The book never tries to glorify pregnancy, or make it look easy, but it is just a lovely portrayal of what it’s like to be a teenage boy trying his best to raise a kid.

> > A Cage of Butterflies by Brian Caswell < <

This is the book that I think is least likely to live up to a more modern audience, but I’m still including it because it’s something that had an impact on me.  It’s about a group of smart teens who end up living on a farm together, and discover that things aren’t all they seem.  Again it plays into the themes of the first book with feeling othered, and I love it because to me it’s about finding chosen family.  I’ve included the audiobook version specifically here because Rebecca Macauley is a super talented voice actress, and i credit this version for being a lot of what helped me emotionally connect to the characters.  

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