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Wakefield Press together with the #AusYABloggers are celebrating the release of Indigo Owl by Australian author Charlie Archbold. On the tour you'll find Australian Reviewers and Instagrammers sharing their thoughts.

About The Book

Indigo Owl 
Written by Charlie Archbold 
Published by Wakefield Press 
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After Earth was destroyed by climate change and overpopulation, private corporations colonised new planets. On one such planet, Galbraith, the fertility of its citizens is tightly controlled. But at what cost?
When Scarlet Bergen leaves her childhood home to be trained at the Arcadia Institute, harnessing her psychic Solitaire talents, it feels like the beginning of her future. But on the Institute steps, her father whispers a life-changing secret about the past. Her mother, a geneticist who disappeared when Scarlet was ten, had enemies...
Scarlet vows to discover the truth about her mother and is joined in her mission by fellow cadets with their own family secrets and special talents: tech-savvy Rumi, a tenacious truth-hunter, and Dylan, the aloof classmate who can literally read her mind
Indigo Owl is a fast-paced dystopian adventure from author Charlie Archbold, winner of a 2018 Children's Book Council of Australia Honour Book for Older Readers.

Saturday 26th September
Dusk Angel Reads

Sunday 27th
Brooklyn the Bookworm
Caroline Masci

Monday 28th
Chemical Book Dragon
Bookish Intoxication
Shannon Jade

Tuesday 29th
Cait is Booked
Wednesday 30th
Tiens Blurb
Read3rz Revu Blog

About The Author

Charlie Archbold was born in London. She completed a degree in drama before training as a teacher and has worked as an educator for over twenty years. She has settled in Australia and lives with her family in Adelaide. Her first novel, Mallee Boys, was an Honour Book in the Children's Book Council of Australia Awards. Indigo Owl is her second book.

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