Top 5 Tuesday - Star's Top 5 Favourite LoveOzYA Book Covers of 2019

Hi! Star here with my top 5 favourite #LoveOzYA book covers of 2019.

I know, as book readers, we are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but it’s sometimes hard when they’re just so darn pretty!

Okay this cover, to me, is just to die for. I love the blue, I love the illustrated cover, and it’s an incredible story, too. Which is a win/win to me!

This cover is so eerie and cool to me. I love the pinks and the grey. And I absolutely adore that the rose is dripping. That’s some awesome artistry to me. I also really enjoyed the story, too.

From the bright yellow background, to the illustrated people on the front, this cover has it all going on! I love the white text with the splash of pink for the word “Better”. This book is easily one of the best covers I’ve seen this year. Again, the story inside was very wonderful. And well deserving of the Text Prize, too.

This cover is initially what drew me to the book. It is so gorgeous in person. I love the midnight blue background, the keys surrounding the silhouette of Sam, and the way the title fits into the shape of Sam’s body. It’s such a captivating cover, and the bright yellow spine is absolutely gorgeous. And I absolutely loved the story, too.

While this one is still on my TBR (oops!), the cover was what drew me to the book. I have such a thing for illustrated covers (lol, can you tell?) and this one is absolutely stunning. The fact that the entire book’s cover is the face of one of the characters is not something I’ve seen done before, not so close-up, at least. And the lens flare in Auri’s eye just absolutely made me fall in love with this cover.

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