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P.R. Castle, together with the #AusYABloggers are celebrating the completion of the The Subjects series with a Review Tour of the first book in the series, AIM. On tour, you will find Aussie bloggers, reviewers and Instagrammers sharing their thoughts on AIM, beginning on November 11th and running until November 14th 2019.
Tour Schedule
Monday 11th                              Tuesday 12th
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Wednesday 13th                         Thursday 14th
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About the book

The Subjects AIM
by P.R. Castle

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The door opens, and Alish steps out of the lab for the first time ever …

Can she escape?

Outside, there’s nothing, nothing but a small herd of cows, and stretches and stretches of parched red desert in all directions …

She is still trapped.

Then a helicopter flies overhead …

Salvation at last or something more sinister?

Aim is the first book in the completed Subjects Trilogy, a young adult science fiction, set in NSW, Australia, about freedom and justice. If you like action packed adventures, psychological thrillers and mysteries then you will love Aim.

About the author

P.R. Castle grew up in Sydney, Australia. She has studied both chemistry and marketing at university. Castle has spent a spent a lot of time with teens; youth camps, community service projects, and youth groups, drawing a desire from her to write something for teens, something that is thrilling and entertaining but really makes them think about the deeper questions, to mull over what makes them human and reflect.

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