Reader Spotlight: Interview with Bec

Name &/or Nickname.
Bec! :)

Where do you live (State or vague area).
I’m a blogger from Melbourne.

Where do you wish you lived (e.g. Narnia, Fantasia, etc.).
Hogwarts seems like a convenient answer. But I honestly wouldn’t mind living at Camp Half-Blood!

Top Three favourite #LoveOzYA reads of all time.
GEMINA! NEVERNIGHT! Queens of Geek! <3

Top Three YA Series of all time (worldwide).
Percy Jackson. The Bone Season. And… can I say… all of Robin Hobb? I mean she’s got at least four trilogies and then some! 

Who or what got you into reading.
My family and Harry Potter. We all read it as I grew up! But prior to me reading myself for the first time, my Mum read me Narnia growing up, so that has a special place in my heart too.

Preferred Genres.
Fantasy, all the way. Urban fantasy, too. And sci-fi, cos I love Doctor Who and Firefly! 

Have you ever met any famous authors (it's ok to brag in this instance). If not who would you love to meet.
I’ve met several authors but I’m meeting Brandon Sanderson soon, I’m flying up to Sydney! That’ll definitely be a highlight for me! I’ve also met Jay Kristoff and I adored Nevernight. (Amie is pretty dang awesome too. Loved Gemina.) Oh damn it can I just say all of my faves?! 

If you could spend a day with any YA protagonist who would it be and why.
I’ve always wanted to learn how to use a bow and arrow, so probably Katniss I guess? :)

 Where can we find you online.
Twitter: @Rebecca__Gough
Instagram: @becklepanda

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