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Wakefield Press together with the #AusYABloggers are celebrating the release of Sunburnt Veils by Sara Haghdoosti. On the tour you'll find Australian Reviewers and Instagrammers sharing their thoughts.

About The Book

Sunburnt Veils by Sara Haghdoosti 
Published by Wakefield Press
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Girl meets boy, ghosts his text messages, then convinces him to help her run for the student union. Just your typical love story with a hijabi twist.

Tara wears hijab even though her parents hate it, and in a swipe right world she’s looking for the ‘will go to the ends of the earth for you’ type of love. Or, she would be, if she hadn’t sworn off boys to focus on getting into med. Besides, what’s wrong with just crushing on the assassins, mages and thieves in the fantasy books she reads? 

When a bomb threat on her first day of university throws her together with totally annoying party king and oh-so-entitled politician’s son Alex, things get complicated. Tara needs to decide if she’s happy reading about heroes, or if she’s ready to step up and be one herself. 

Sunburnt Veils is an own-voices rom-com with a political activist edge and a deliciously savvy pop culture voice. 

About The Author

Sara Haghdoosti was born in Tehran, grew up in Sydney and is currently based in Chicago. It generally takes her ten minutes to answer the question, “Where are you from?”

Sara got her start in organizing at the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and then went on to work at GetUp,, the Mozilla Foundation and founded Berim (‘Let’s go’ in Farsi) - a non-profit that worked to support changemakers in Iran. She is currently the Deputy Director at Win Without War. 

Sara’s writing has appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Punch, The Drum and she has also been a panelist on the ABC’s Q and A. 

Sara’s first book Sunburnt Veils was long-listed for the Richell Prize, and is out now from Wakefield Press. It highlights the story of two unconventional Muslim women navigating their first year of university. Between a fake bomb threat and a viral video Tara and Mitra find themselves in the middle of a media storm where they have to face who they are, and who they want to become.

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