Feeling Sorry for Celia - Throwback Thursday

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Feeling Sorry for Celia

Title: Feeling Sorry for Celia
Author: Jaclyn Moriarty
Released: January 1st 2000
Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia
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Dear Ms Clarry,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join our Society.

We have just found out about your holiday. It is so impressive! You had four assignments, an English essay and a chapter of Maths to do. And you didn't do one single piece of homework! Fabulous!

Also we have a feeling that you have a History test today. And you're trying to study now? On the bus? With the Brookfield boys climbing onto each other's shoulders to get to the emergency roof exit? And with Celia about to get on the bus at any moment? And you think that's going to make a difference!!! That's really very amusing, Elizabeth. We like you for it. You're perfect for our Society and we're very excited about having you join.

Yours sincerely,
Society of People who are Definitely Going to Fail High School
(and Most Probably Life as Well!)

Life is pretty complicated for Elizabeth Clarry. Her best friend Celia has disappeared, her absent father has reappeared and her communication with her mother depends entirely on fridge notes. And now, because her English teacher wants to rekindle the Joy of the Envelope, a Complete and Utter Stranger knows more about Elizabeth than anyone else.

But Elizabeth is on the threshold of change. She is about to lose a friend, find a friend, fall in love and taste wine that smells like compost. A lot can happen in the time it takes to write a letter...

why i chose it

I first read this book when it came out in the year 2000, and I absolutely fell in love with it.

This was my first venture into books being told in ways other than straight up narration. This book is filled with letters, and notes, and possibly other ways of communication that aren’t narration, and it had me hooked from start to finish.

I remember loving this book so much that I am pretty sure I read it twice in the same weekend I got it. And I definitely remember reading it a bunch more since then.

I did want to read this book again before writing this throwback Thursday post, but I haven’t managed to get there, yet.
I still highly recommend this book, though.

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