#LoveOzYA Throwback Thursday (#3)

Throwback Thursday  edition is our way of spreading the love of backlist Aussie books that you might have missed. We'll hopefully be posting a new book each week, and we'd love you to join us!

Nicole's pick

Title: Playing Beatie Bow
Author: Ruth Park
Released: December 4th 1984
Publisher: Puffin Books
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The game is called Beatie Bow and the children play it for the thrill of scaring themselves. But when Abigail is drawn in, the game is quickly transformed into an extraordinary, sometimes horrifying, adventure as she finds herself transported to a place that is foreign yet strangely familiar ....

why i chose it

I think I probably saw the movie before I read the book, but I don't remember which order they came in, only that I loved them both. This time slip fantasy sees 14 year old Abigail chasing a girl from the park and finding herself in the Sydney of the past. I love the setting - The Rocks in Sydney has always fascinated me, I loved visiting there as a kid, and to a girl from suburban Melbourne, 19th Century Sydney is quite exotic. I also loved the romance between Abigail and Judah. I loved the tragic element, Judah is promised to his cousin, Dovey, and Abigail must return to her own time, but their attraction to each other is undeniable.  This is an Australian classic, and an enduring favourite, which predates YA as a "thing". The good news is that it's now available as a Penguin Classic for everyone to enjoy.

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